Residential Real Estate Sales Data, Halton Hills

The table below compares year over year Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB) sales data for all housing types in Halton Hills, including Geogretown, Acton, Glen Williams and Rural Halton Hills. All housing types includes detached, semi-detached, townhomes, condominiums, vacant land.  
*: Toronto Real Estate Board Market Watch, Monthly Sales Data, All Housing Types

Year # Sales  Avg Selling Price # Active Listings  Selling Price as
% of List
Avg Days On Market  % Price Change Over Prior Year % Volume Change over Prior Year
2014               1,011  $      504,305               1,546 98% 25    
2015               1,036  $      555,617               1,470 98% 27 2% 10%
2016               1,007  $      634,013               1,247 100% 18 -3% 14%
2017               1,025  $      739,382               1,499 102% 18 2% 17%
2018                  802  $      740,830               1,416 98% 25 -22% 0%
YTD 2019                    270  $     740,132                    559 98% 27    

Halton Hills Real Estate Sales History, All Housing Types (April 2019)

The following graph provides an excellent insight into the recent sales volume and pricing trends since December 2017. 2018/19 winter sales volumes (the black line) very closely mirror 2017/18 winter sales volumes and subsequent spring recovery. Current average prices continues to climb in 2019 despite the peaks and valleys (indicated by the blue columns). We have also seen prices exceed 2017/18 levels into April, and I expect this to continue into early summer and Fall.

As these MLS sales statistics represent all housing types in Halton Hills - including detached, semi, townhome, condo and vacant land - there could be a slight skew in sales prices towards lower priced units that dominated sales through the winter to higher priced units that tend to be listed into the spring.

Overall, the market continues to be robust in Halton Hills and as thre are realtively few listings on the market, demand increases, which subsequently drives prices up. 

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